About DuraGuard Inc.

DuraGuard was founded in 1997 in Newport, TN which is nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. DuraGuard has always been a small family owned business. DuraGuard began operations by hot stamping thermoplastic rubber and polyethylene mud flaps for the heavy duty truck market. The largest product that DuraGuard offers is the Extruded Thermoplastic Rubber which is produced from around 70% recycled tires and once the sheet is extruded it is 100% recyclable. The process of stamping snow deflectors and die cutting soon followed with the move to our current facility in 2002. We at DuraGuard like to say we are a custom job shop for rubber and plastic sheeting.

Here at DuraGuard the employees strive to keep a friendly atmosphere and we believe that is what has kept us growing throughout the years. We offer friendly service at a competitive price, and we strive to offer the fastest service in the industry. The addition of new customers and applications to our product line keeps us moving towards the future.

Our Guarantee:
DuraGuard products are guaranteed to be free from defect in workmanship. DuraGuard is not responsible for alterations or installations of its products, since these products are used in variable conditions.


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